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The development process has been honed and advanced, and we have never stopped moving forward


The company has fully acquired Ganzhou Jinqiang Nonferrous Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. and established its second production and manufacturing base.


The company's foreign trade team went to Morocco to participate in a mining equipment exhibition and met with clients of royal family businesses; The third phase expansion project has been completed and put into use, with a total area of 72 acres for the enterprise; As of November, the company has exported a total of 53 countries.


Representing Shicheng enterprises to participate in the city's "Mass Entrepreneurship and Innovation" exhibition; The general manager of the company was rated as "Ganzhou model worker"; Start the construction of the third phase expansion project: expanding the factory building and employee activity center.


Recognized as a "high-tech enterprise" by the Ministry of Science and Technology of China (the first batch of Shicheng); Successfully applied for the Small and Medium sized Enterprise Innovation Fund of the Ministry of Science and Technology; Received the title of "2014 Jiangxi Province Specialized, Refined, and New Small and Medium Enterprises".


A representative from Brazil's third largest tin company visited and signed a strategic cooperation agreement; Start the construction of the second phase expansion project: build a new employee dormitory building and expand the factory building; Successfully applied for 6 patents and obtained approval, achieving a new level of technological innovation capability.


Strengthen cooperation with Jiangxi University of Science and Technology to establish a mining machinery technology research and development center; Signed over 7 million flotation machine supply contracts with Moroccan merchants, breaking the record for a single contract; The annual output value has exceeded 20 million yuan, the tax payment has reached over 2 million yuan, and it has been exported to 45 countries.


The first phase of the construction project has been completed and put into use; Cooperate with Jiangxi University of Science and Technology and sign two technology research and development projects;


Purchase 16 acres of industrial land for the construction of Phase I office buildings and workshops; Establish strategic cooperation with Türkiye's largest importer of construction machinery, and export a large number of equipment to the country; Establishing business cooperation with the Moroccan mining group, increasing the number of exporting countries to 29.


The export business has increased rapidly, with the number of exporting countries increasing to 16 and exporting to Europe for the first time; Establishing long-term cooperation with Brazil's third largest tin company; The enterprise shall establish independent technology research and development departments and after-sales service departments.


Move Ningbo Foreign Trade Office back to Shicheng and rent factory buildings to start independent production; The company obtained import and export rights and became the first export earning enterprise in the history of Shicheng. In the same year, its products were exported to Brazil, India, Somalia, and Sudan; Attend the Beijing Mining Conference and meet with merchants from countries such as Russia and Ukraine.


Export the first batch of goods through an import and export agency, export the goods to North Korea, and send technical personnel to the site for installation; At that time, the number of customers exceeded 150 and established cooperation with state-owned enterprises such as Guangdong Shaoguan Smelter.


Gandong Mining Machinery was officially registered and established; Zhejiang Ningbo Foreign Trade Office was established; Launch e-commerce B2B sales network.