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Zirconium titanium washing test
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Zirconium titanium ore is an important mineral resource widely used in fields such as aerospace, military industry, and nuclear industry. Zirconium titanium washing is an important method for extracting zirconium titanium ore. This article will introduce the steps and precautions of zirconium titanium washing test.

1、 Test equipment

The equipment required for zirconium titanium washing test includes: stirrer, magnetic separator, heavy medium separator, desilter, screening machine, flotation machine, etc.

2、 Test steps

1. Ore crushing

Crush the zirconium titanium ore to a particle size less than 10mm for subsequent washing operations.

2. Heavy medium sorting

Place the crushed zirconium titanium ore into a heavy medium separator for sorting, separating impurities from the ore.

3. Magnetic separation

Place the zirconium titanium ore after heavy medium separation into a magnetic separator for magnetic separation, and separate the magnetic substances from it.

4. Desliming

Place the magnetically separated zirconium titanium ore into a desilter for desilting, separating impurities such as sediment from it.

5. Screening

Sieve the deslimed zirconium titanium ore and separate the ores with different particle sizes.

6. Flotation

Place the screened zirconium titanium ore into a flotation machine for flotation, and separate the zirconium titanium ore from it.

3、 Precautions

During the testing process, it is necessary to pay attention to safety and avoid accidents.

2. The testing equipment needs regular maintenance to ensure its normal operation.

During the experiment, it is necessary to strictly follow the operating steps to avoid operational errors.

After the experiment, the equipment needs to be cleaned and disinfected to prevent contamination.

In short, the zirconium titanium washing test is a very important task that requires us to take it seriously and strictly follow the operating steps to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the test results.