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Tungsten ore production equipment
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Tungsten ore is an important metallic mineral widely used in high-tech fields such as aviation, aerospace, and military industry. The mining and processing of tungsten ore requires the use of a series of production equipment. This article will introduce the relevant knowledge and operation steps of tungsten ore production equipment to everyone.

1、 Types of tungsten ore production equipment

1. Tungsten ore crushing equipment: mainly used to crush the raw ore into appropriate particle sizes for subsequent beneficiation operations. The commonly used tungsten ore crushing equipment includes jaw crusher, cone crusher, impact crusher, etc.

2. Tungsten ore grinding equipment: mainly used to further grind the crushed particles of the raw ore, in order to improve beneficiation efficiency. Commonly used tungsten ore grinding equipment includes ball mills, short end cone mills, etc.

3. Tungsten ore beneficiation equipment: mainly used for beneficiation of crushed and ground ore, separating tungsten ore and other impurities. The commonly used tungsten ore beneficiation equipment includes heavy medium beneficiation machines, flotation machines, magnetic separators, etc.

4. Tungsten ore concentration equipment: mainly used to concentrate tungsten ore after beneficiation, improve the grade and recovery rate of tungsten ore. The commonly used tungsten ore concentration equipment includes spiral classifier, centrifuge, filter press, etc.

2、 Operation steps of tungsten ore production equipment

1. Operating steps of tungsten ore crushing equipment:

(1) Feed the raw ore into a jaw crusher for preliminary crushing.

(2) Send the preliminarily crushed ore into a cone crusher for secondary crushing.

(3) Send the ore after secondary crushing into the impact crusher for tertiary crushing.

2. Operating steps of tungsten ore grinding equipment:

(1) Send the crushed ore into a ball mill for grinding.

(2) The finely ground ore is fed into a short head conical mill for further grinding.

钨矿生产设备3. Operation steps of tungsten ore beneficiation equipment:

(1) The crushed and ground ore is fed into a heavy medium concentrator for beneficiation.

(2) Separate the tungsten ore and other impurities after beneficiation.

4. Operating steps of tungsten ore concentration equipment:

(1) The tungsten ore after beneficiation is fed into a spiral classifier for concentration.

(2) Send the concentrated tungsten ore into a centrifuge for further concentration.

(3) The concentrated tungsten ore is fed into a filter press for final concentration and solid-liquid separation.

钨矿生产设备 III. Summary

钨矿生产设备 tungsten production equipment is an important equipment for tungsten mining and processing, with a wide variety of types and different operating procedures. When using tungsten ore production equipment, it is necessary to pay attention to operating procedures to ensure the normal operation of the equipment and the improvement of production efficiency.