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Calcium tungsten selection test
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Calcium tungsten alloy is a high-strength, high-density metal material widely used in aviation, aerospace, military and other fields. When preparing calcium tungsten alloys, it is necessary to conduct calcium tungsten selection tests to ensure the quality and performance of the alloy. This article will introduce the operating steps and precautions for the calcium tungsten selection test.

1、 Preparation before testing

选钙钨试验1. Preparation of samples: Select calcium tungsten alloy samples that meet the standard requirements and cut them into appropriately sized samples.

2. Preparation of reagents: The reagents required for the calcium selection test include nitric acid and ammonium molybdate.

3. Preparation of experimental equipment: the equipment required for calcium tungsten selection test include beaker, pipette, Burette, heating plate, etc.

2、 Test steps

1. Place the calcium tungsten alloy sample into a beaker and add sufficient nitric acid to completely dissolve it.

2. Add an appropriate amount of ammonium molybdate to make the solution appear yellow.

3. Place the beaker on a heating plate and heat until the solution turns blue.

4. Cool the solution to room temperature, and then add nitric acid with a Burette until the solution turns orange.

选钙钨试验5. Use a pipette to remove the solution, heat it in a beaker, and let it evaporate to dryness.

6. Place the beaker in an oven to dry until the mass remains constant.

7. Weigh the dried sample and calculate the calcium tungsten content.

选钙钨试验 III. Precautions

1. During the experiment, attention should be paid to safety and avoid contact with reagents and solutions.

2. The selection of samples should meet the standard requirements to ensure the accuracy of the test results.

During the experiment, it is necessary to strictly follow the operating steps to avoid operational errors.

4. After the experiment, the experimental equipment should be cleaned in a timely manner to maintain the cleanliness of the laboratory.

In summary, the calcium tungsten selection test is an important step in the preparation of calcium tungsten alloys and has significant practical applications. Through the introduction of this article, it is believed that readers have already understood the operating steps and precautions of the calcium tungsten selection experiment, and can better carry out the experimental operation.