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Gravity beneficiation method for coastal zirconium titanium ore
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Binhai zirconium titanium ore is an important metal ore with extensive applications in industrial production. In order to improve the quality and production of coastal zirconium titanium ore, various beneficiation methods have been developed, among which gravity beneficiation method is a more commonly used method. This article will introduce the specific operating steps and advantages of the gravity beneficiation method for coastal zirconium titanium ore.

1、 Operating Steps of Gravity Beneficiation Method for Binhai Zirconium Titanium Ore

1. Crushing and screening of ore

Firstly, it is necessary to crush and screen the coastal zirconium titanium ore for subsequent gravity beneficiation operations. Generally speaking, equipment such as jaw crushers and cone crushers can be used for ore crushing, while equipment such as vibrating screens and drum screens can be used for screening.

2. Conduct heavy medium sorting

In gravity beneficiation methods, heavy medium separation is a very important step. Its main function is to divide the ore into light, medium and heavy parts according to the density difference of the ore. Generally speaking, heavy medium separation tank can be used for separation, and magnetic separation liquid and Baryte can be selected for heavy medium.

3. Conduct gravity beneficiation

After being sorted by heavy media, the ores from the light, medium, and heavy parts will respectively enter the gravity beneficiation equipment for beneficiation. According to the density difference of the ore, the gravity concentrator will divide the ore into different parts. For example, when using a spiral separator for beneficiation, the ore will continuously rise on the rotating spiral and be divided into three parts: light, medium, and heavy under the action of gravity.

4. Conduct magnetic separation

In the process of gravity beneficiation, some coastal zirconium titanium ores may also contain certain magnetic minerals, which need to be separated through magnetic separation. Generally speaking, high-strength magnetic separators can be used for magnetic separation operations.

2、 Advantages of Gravity Beneficiation Method for Binhai Zirconium Titanium Ore

1. Good beneficiation effect

Gravity beneficiation method can separate ores according to their density difference, so its beneficiation effect is good. After gravity beneficiation, the quality and production of Binhai zirconium titanium ore can be improved.

2. Simple operation

Compared to other beneficiation methods, the gravity beneficiation method is relatively simple in operation and does not require a large amount of equipment and manpower investment. Therefore, its cost is also relatively low.

3. Energy conservation and environmental protection

The gravity beneficiation method does not require chemical treatment, therefore it will not cause pollution to the environment. At the same time, it does not require a large amount of electricity and water resources, and has certain energy-saving and environmental protection advantages.

滨海锆钛矿重力选矿方法 III. Summary

The gravity beneficiation method of 滨海锆钛矿重力选矿方法 coastal zirconium titanium ore is an effective beneficiation method, which has been widely applied due to its advantages of simple operation, good beneficiation effect, energy conservation and environmental protection. In actual production, people can choose different gravity beneficiation equipment for operation based on different ore characteristics and beneficiation needs, in order to achieve the best beneficiation effect.