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Haibin Sha Tin Mine Gravity Separation Production Line
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Haibin Sha tin ore is one of the important tin ore resources in China. Cassiterite ore has a high tin content, but there are many associated minerals, mainly Pyrite and Scheelite. These associated minerals have a great impact on the extraction of tin. In order to improve the recovery rate and product quality of tin, it is necessary to conduct gravity separation on the seaside sand tin mine. This article will introduce the operating steps and precautions of the Haibin Sha Tin Mine gravity separation production line.

1、 The Process Flow of the Gravity Separation Production Line of Haibin Sha Tin Mine

1. Ore crushing: The raw ore is preliminarily crushed by a jaw crusher to break the ore into small pieces.

2. Ore screening: The crushed ore is screened through a vibrating screen to separate ores of different particle sizes.

3. Grinding: The screened ore is sent to a ball mill for grinding, and the ore is ground to a certain particle size.

4. Gravity separation: The ground ore is fed into a gravity separator for gravity separation, separating the accompanying minerals from cassiterite.

5. Flotation: the cassiterite after gravity separation is sent to the flotation machine for flotation, and the cassiterite is separated from the flotation foam.

6. Drying: The flotation cassiterite is sent to a dryer for drying, and the cassiterite is dried to a certain moisture content.

7. Selection: Send the dried cassiterite into the selection machine for selection, and improve the grade of tin to a certain level.

海滨沙锡矿重选生产线 II. Precautions for the Gravity Separation Production Line of Haibin Sha Tin Mine

1. The crushing and screening of ore should be uniform to ensure the smooth progress of subsequent processes.

2. When grinding, attention should be paid to controlling the grinding time and the quality of the grinding medium to ensure the grinding effect.

3. The selection and adjustment of the gravity separator should be reasonable to ensure the separation effect of accompanying minerals and cassiterite.

4. The selection and adjustment of flotation machines should be reasonable to ensure the recovery rate and grade of cassiterite.

5. The temperature and drying time of the dryer should be well controlled to ensure that the moisture content of cassiterite meets the requirements.

6. The selection and adjustment of the selection machine should be reasonable to ensure that the tin grade reaches the highest level.

3、 Optimization Measures for the Gravity Separation Production Line of Haibin Sha Tin Mine

1. Optimize the beneficiation process flow, reduce intermediate links, and improve production efficiency.

2. Optimize the selection and adjustment of gravity concentrators and flotation machines to improve separation efficiency and recovery rate.

3. Introduce advanced selection equipment to improve the grade and recovery rate of tin.

4. Strengthen the maintenance and upkeep of mineral processing equipment, extend the service life of the equipment, and reduce maintenance costs.

5. Strengthen the upgrading and transformation of mineral processing equipment, improve the automation level and production efficiency of the equipment.


The 海滨沙锡矿重选生产线 seaside sand tin ore gravity separation production line is an important means to improve tin recovery rate and product quality. By optimizing the process flow and equipment selection, production efficiency and product quality can be improved, production costs can be reduced, and it has important economic and social benefits.