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Pyrite beneficiation production line
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The main component of pyrite ore in the pyrite beneficiation production line is Iron(II) sulfide, which is the main raw material for manufacturing sulfuric acid and plays an important role in the agricultural production of potash fertilizer. With the continuous increase of market demand, the beneficiation of pyrite ore is also gradually warming up. More and more enterprises have invested a lot of manpower and material resources to beneficiate, but there are still some enterprises and individuals who do not know much about the beneficiation of pyrite ore, I'm not sure what method to use for beneficiation. As a professional manufacturer of equipment for pyrite beneficiation production lines, Jinqiang Mining has briefly introduced the beneficiation methods and equipment for pyrite ore for reference!


In actual production, the selection of pyrite beneficiation production lines is mainly carried out through two methods: one is the most commonly used gravity separation method, and the other is flotation method, which is suitable for coarse, medium, and fine grained pyrite beneficiation production lines. The pyrite production line has the characteristics of high beneficiation efficiency, high beneficiation indicators, and no pollution, and is widely used in the field of pyrite beneficiation. The flotation method is mainly used to select fine-grained disseminated pyrite, but due to the huge investment in flotation equipment, which causes certain environmental pollution and relatively high production costs, the application of flotation methods in pyrite beneficiation is far inferior to gravity separation methods.


Beneficiation method for pyrite production line

The equipment used in the pyrite production line is pyrite beneficiation equipment. Let's take a look at pyrite beneficiation equipment together. Pyrite beneficiation equipment is a gravity beneficiation equipment that performs beneficiation based on the specific gravity difference between pyrite and gangue. Commonly used pyrite equipment includes jigs, shakers, etc. The commonly used pyrite beneficiation equipment for pyrite beneficiation processes includes jigs. The jig is the core beneficiation equipment for pyrite beneficiation process and sulfur concentrate sand, which has very ideal beneficiation effects for coarse and fine grained pyrite beneficiation. Commonly used pyrite beneficiation equipment includes crushers, rod mills, dewatering screens, etc.


The pyrite beneficiation equipment not only has the advantages of energy conservation, high efficiency, and environmental protection, but also has the advantages of low production cost, high beneficiation efficiency, high beneficiation indicators, and low equipment investment when processing pyrite with a pyrite ball mill. It is currently the pyrite beneficiation equipment for beneficiation. Ball mill is the core beneficiation equipment of the pyrite production line.


The gravity separation equipment of the pyrite production line mainly includes jigs, and sometimes a shaking table is also used. Jigs and shakers are common gravity separation equipment. In the field of pyrite beneficiation production lines, the application of tripping machines is the most common. However, the application of shakers is extremely limited due to small processing capacity, low recovery rate, and low concentrate grade. The maximum particle size for selecting pyrite can reach 30mm, which can effectively process and recover coarse block pyrite.