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Titanium ore beneficiation production line
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Introduction to titanium ore beneficiation production line:

Titanium ore is a weakly magnetic mineral. Its main useful components are titanium and iron, which can be regarded as the compound of ferrous and titanium dioxide. It is the main mineral to obtain titanium metal except Rutile.

Process flow of titanium ore beneficiation production line:

The existing feed concentration grinding selection export technology is overloaded, and the stirring and desliming technology is added between the concentration and grinding processes to improve the efficiency of ore screening and increase concentrate production and grade.


Characteristics of titanium ore beneficiation equipment:

1. The magnetic system is made of Nd-Fe-B magnetic materials, featuring high magnetic energy product, strong tenacity, high magnetic flux density, and high Magnetic flux density on the separation surface.

2. Using high-quality magnetic conductive materials as the magnetic medium, adopting a multi-layer induction design with high gradient, suitable for magnetic separation of fine-grained minerals.

3. The working face is directly in contact with minerals, resulting in high equipment utilization.

4. Fully magnetic design, with a large contact area between the slurry and the effective working surface, and an adsorption area close to 270, can greatly prevent the loss of useful minerals at the particle level.

5. The brush type unloading device can effectively prevent the adsorption of weakly magnetic minerals in non working areas.


The application scope of titanium ore beneficiation equipment:

1. Rough separation of Hematite, brown iron ore and Siderite;

2. It is the roughing and cleaning of Ilmenite, Jacobsite and Chromite;

3. Selection of manganese carbonate ore;

4. Wolframite, tantalum Columbite, garnet, ferrolithium ore, silybyllium copper ore, aegirine, sodomite Grunerite, Biotite are rich in rough dressing;

5. Magnetic separation of non magnetic non-ferrous metal ores such as tin ore sand.

Introduction to the process of titanium ore production line:

The recovered titanium is mainly granular Ilmenite in the raw ore, and the recovery rate is about 17.88%. The selection of raw titanium ore has complex mineral composition, low TiO2 grade and high Ilmenite composition and content, which brings certain difficulties to the efficient recovery of Ilmenite. Therefore, the efficient recovery of titanium ore production lines requires advanced technology and equipment level.


2、 The existing titanium ore beneficiation production line and titanium ore beneficiation equipment level.

A titanium ore beneficiation equipment and titanium ore production line.

1. Concentration, classification, and desliming equipment in titanium ore beneficiation equipment.

The development of titanium concentration, classification, and desliming equipment has undergone two phased leaps. The first stage is the development of a new high-efficiency concentration and classification box, which replaces a four chamber hydraulic classifier. The second stage is the development and application of inclined plate concentration and classification boxes.

The second is the strong magnetic equipment in titanium ore beneficiation equipment.

Titanium ore production line adopts φ 1500mm1000mm wet cage type permanent magnet strong magnetic machine and Shp-2000 strong magnetic separator. Currently, the strong magnetic equipment produced by the titanium ore beneficiation equipment factory includes the Slon vertical ring pulsation high gradient strong magnetic machine and SSS-I high gradient strong magnetic machine.

The third is the gravity separation equipment in titanium ore beneficiation equipment.

Using cast iron spiral grooves (FLX- φ 600mm and φ 1200mm spiral groove and GL-2 spiral concentrator. Currently, NL-600 spiral, LL2-1200 spiral groove, and DL-2000 spiral groove are used.


The fourth is the electrical separation equipment in titanium ore beneficiation equipment.

Successively used electric separators: YD-3A, YD-3B, and YD31200-23. At the same time, the HIP (25) 231-200 model was used after the renovation.

The fifth is the flotation equipment in titanium ore beneficiation equipment.

The flotation machines used successively include SF-4m3, SF-10m3, SF-1.2m3, and GF-4m3.