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Graphite ore beneficiation production line
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Graphite ore beneficiation production line

The general production line for amorphous graphite ore beneficiation generally adopts processes such as coarse crushing, medium crushing, fine crushing, grinding, flotation, dehydration, and drying. The coarse crushing of graphite ore beneficiation equipment mostly uses jaw crushers. Hydraulic cone crushers and hammer crushers are commonly used for medium and fine crushing. The grinding operation of graphite ore beneficiation equipment adopts lattice ball mills and other grinding equipment. The flotation equipment for graphite ore mostly uses SF type flotation machines and XJK type flotation machines. Graphite ore beneficiation equipment often uses dewatering screens, various centrifugal dewatering machines, and filters for dehydration. Graphite ore beneficiation equipment often uses spiral classifiers for classification, which can effectively classify graphite. Graphite ore beneficiation equipment often uses dryers for drying.


Crystal graphite ore beneficiation production line

Because the hardness of graphite ore is generally medium hard or slightly soft, and the grade is generally between 2% and 10%, the crushing process is relatively simple, usually using a three stage open circuit, two stage open circuit, or one stage crushing process. Small and medium-sized mines process weathered mines and directly feed them into ball mills without crushing. The flotation process of graphite ore beneficiation production line generally adopts a closed circuit process of multi-stage grinding, multi-stage beneficiation, and intermediate ore sequential (or centralized) return. There are three forms of multiple processes, namely concentrate regrinding, intermediate ore regrinding, and tailings regrinding. Crystal graphite mostly uses concentrate regrinding technology, and the recovery rate of general beneficiation operations can reach about 80%. Some mines have also tried the intermediate ore regrinding process, but the effect is not significant. Some small factories also use open circuit or semi open circuit flotation processes because there are too many abandoned tailings points. The recovery rate of mineral processing is very low, usually only 40%~50%.


Mineral processing production line for cryptocrystalline graphite ore

The grade of cryptocrystalline graphite ore is high, but sorting is difficult. In China, commonly mined graphite ores are simply screened

The beneficiation methods of graphite ore production line include flotation, electric separation, gravity separation, etc. The flotation of graphite ore production line is the most widely used method.

Scale graphite has good flotation performance, therefore, most graphite ore production line flotation methods are used for separation. When using flotation agents, kerosene or diesel oil is generally used as the collector in China, and No. 2 oil or new flotation oil is used as the foaming agent. After years of production practice, No. 4 oil is considered an ideal foaming agent for graphite ore production lines. In foreign countries, in addition to the use of the aforementioned drugs, there are also other drugs, such as heavy oil, petroleum, phenols, sulfonates or sulfates, carboxylates, etc. Sometimes several medications can be mixed.


Characteristics of graphite ore beneficiation production line

1. The graphite ore beneficiation equipment is equipped with high-end, compact and reasonable layout, and the total floor area is very small, greatly saving civil engineering investment.

2. The graphite ore production line has a high degree of automation and can be remotely controlled by computers, resulting in lower investment costs in human and material resources.

3. The operation is safer and more stable, with an ultra-low failure rate, which can save a lot of maintenance costs, free from dust and noise, and does not damage the environment.

4. The obtained concentrate grade has increased by 10 percentage points, greatly increasing the industrial value of graphite mineral material and significantly improving the comprehensive recovery rate.


Graphite ore beneficiation equipment

Generally speaking, jaw crushers are mainly used for coarse crushing of crystalline and amorphous graphite ores, while cone crushers or hammer crushers are mainly used for wet ball mills, lattice ball mills and JJF, XCF and XJB flotation machines commonly used for graphite ore dressing and dewatering, and Hydrocyclone or belt filters commonly used for graphite ore dressing and dewatering.