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Magnetic separation production line
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The magnetic separation production line is the most widely used dry wet combined beneficiation process, which mainly processes ore powder through a three-level magnetic separation process, followed by wet material magnetic separation. The magnetic separation production line equipment selects a magnetic field strength of 400-1200GS, a magnetic drum speed of 60-320 rpm, and the wet material is dehydrated to produce iron concentrate powder. Generally, the iron content of the iron concentrate powder is 35%. After this method of magnetic separation, the iron content of the iron concentrate powder can reach 68-70%. The process flow of the magnetic separation production line equipment is as follows:, The utilization rate of ore can reach 90%. The magnetic separation process requires less water, saves water, reduces costs, and reduces pollution. The magnetic separation dust is collected by the dust removal device and does not cause air pollution. This magnetic separation process method is a creative process with high production efficiency, good product quality, and no environmental pollution.

The magnetic separation production line equipment (magnetic separation process flow) consists of main equipment such as vibration feeder, slot feeder, jaw crusher, vibrating screen, ball mill, classifier, magnetic separator, thickener, dryer, etc. By cooperating with feeders, elevators, and conveyors, a complete magnetic separation and beneficiation production line (iron magnetic separation production line) can be formed.

The magnetic separation production line equipment (magnetic separation process flow) has the advantages of high efficiency, low energy consumption, high processing capacity, and economic rationality.


Magnetic separation process flow:

The mined ore is initially crushed by a jaw crusher, and after being crushed to a reasonable fineness, it is evenly fed into a ball mill by a hoist and feeder. The ball mill then crushes and grinds the ore. The fine ore ground by a ball mill enters the next process: grading. The spiral classifier utilizes the principle of different specific gravity of solid particles and different settling rates in liquid to clean and classify ore mixtures. When the cleaned and graded mineral mixture passes through a magnetic separator, the magnetic substances in the mixture are separated by magnetic and mechanical forces due to the different specific magnetization coefficients of various minerals. The mineral particles preliminarily separated by the magnetic separator are fed into the flotation machine, and different drugs are added according to different mineral characteristics to separate the required minerals from other substances. When the required minerals are separated, due to their high moisture content, they must be initially concentrated by a thickener and then dried by a dryer to obtain dry minerals.


The process of the magnetic separator production line equipment (magnetic separation process) is roughly as follows: (silo) - feeder - jaw crusher - jaw fine crusher - ball mill - spiral classifier - magnetic separator (fine powder can be obtained). The middle machine can be connected through a conveyor.

Detailed explanation of magnetic separator production line equipment and magnetic separation process flow.

The magnetic separation process is mainly divided into three parts: crushing process, grinding process, and magnetic separation process.


Crushing process: The iron ore has high hardness, and a large jaw crusher is used for coarse crushing. A vibration feeder is added in front of the crusher to evenly supply the mineral raw materials of the jaw crusher. At the same time, the raw ore is screened into two sizes:+75mm and -75mm. The+75mm size enters the jaw crusher for coarse crushing, and the -75mm size enters the cone crusher for crushing.


Grinding process: Due to the high hardness and extremely fine particle size of the ore, ordinary grinding processes are difficult to achieve the required output and monomer separation degree. This process adopts two grinding processes to reduce ore sliming caused by mineral overgrinding and reduce mill efficiency, increase production, and achieve the required grinding fineness.


Selection process: Three permanent magnet drum magnetic separators are used for the sorting process, one magnetic separator is used for the sorting process, one coarse magnetic separator is used for the sorting process, and one magnetic separator is used for the sorting process.

Magnetic separation process flow (composed of magnetic separation production line equipment) (Note that this process is for reference only, different processes should be selected for different ores).

Raw ore - vibrating feeder/trough feeder - polyethylene jaw crusher - polyethylene jaw crusher - vibrating screen - dry separation roller - silo - electromagnetic vibrating feeder/pendulum feeder - ball mill - spiral classifier/high-frequency screen - magnetic separator (selection) - magnetic separator (selection) - tailings) - magnetic separator (selection) - wet concentrate - thickener (selection) - dry refined powder