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Gravity beneficiation method for tungsten tin tailings
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Tungsten tin tailings refer to the remaining waste after extracting useful minerals from tungsten or tin ore, which contains a certain amount of tungsten and tin. Due to the low content of tungsten and tin in tungsten tin tailings, traditional beneficiation methods are not applicable. The gravity beneficiation method has become an effective treatment method.

Gravity beneficiation method refers to the method of separating minerals according to different densities by utilizing the different forces of materials in the gravity field. The gravity beneficiation method for tungsten tin tailings is applied to the treatment of tungsten tin tailings.

Principle of Gravity Beneficiation Method

The gravity beneficiation method is based on the separation of materials under different forces in the gravity field. In a gravity field, materials are subjected to different forces such as gravity, centrifugal force, and resistance, so materials with different densities will gather at different positions. By adjusting the intensity and direction of the gravity field, the separation of materials can be achieved.

2、 Steps of gravity beneficiation method for tungsten tin tailings

1. Rough selection: After rough selection of tungsten tin tailings, large pieces of tailings are separated, which contain high levels of tungsten tin minerals. Rough selection can use the heavy medium separation method, which mixes tungsten tin tailings with heavy medium and separates them according to different densities.

2. Grinding: The roughly selected tailings are ground and refined into a certain particle size of mineral powder. Grinding can be carried out using equipment such as ball mills and grinders.

3. Gravity separation: The tungsten tin tailings after grinding are subjected to gravity separation. Gravity separation can be carried out using a gravity concentrator, which separates the ore powder in a gravity field and separates the part containing tungsten tin minerals.

4. Re selection: The re selected tungsten tin minerals are re selected, and impurities are separated to obtain pure tungsten tin minerals.

3、 Advantages and disadvantages of gravity beneficiation method

The gravity beneficiation method has the following advantages:

1. Wide application range: Gravity beneficiation method can be applied to the separation of various minerals, including tungsten tin tailings.

钨锡尾矿重力选矿方法2. Low cost: The equipment cost of gravity beneficiation method is relatively low, while the operation is simple and the maintenance cost is also low.

3. Good separation effect: Gravity beneficiation method can achieve separation of materials with different densities, and the separation effect is good.

However, gravity beneficiation methods also have some drawbacks:

1. Low separation efficiency: Gravity beneficiation methods have lower separation efficiency for materials with similar densities.

2. High requirements for mineral particle size: Gravity beneficiation methods have high requirements for mineral particle size, and minerals that are too coarse or too fine can affect the separation effect.

3. Affected by gravity field: The separation effect of gravity beneficiation methods is affected by gravity field, and unstable or insufficient gravity field can affect the separation effect.

4、 Conclusion

The gravity beneficiation method of tungsten tin tailings is an effective treatment method that can separate tungsten tin minerals from tungsten tin tailings. Gravity beneficiation method has advantages such as low cost and easy operation, but it also has disadvantages such as low separation efficiency and high requirements for mineral particle size. In practical applications, it is necessary to choose appropriate beneficiation methods based on specific circumstances.