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Comprehensive treatment of Incineration slag
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Incineration slag refers to the solid waste generated in the process of Incineration, which contains various harmful substances and causes serious environmental pollution. In order to effectively treat these Incineration slags, comprehensive treatment is needed to convert them into useful resources.

1、 Hazards of Incineration slag

Incineration slag contains a lot of heavy metals, organic substances and other harmful substances. If not treated in time, it will pollute the soil, water, air and other environment. At the same time, Incineration slag will also pose a threat to human health, and long-term exposure will lead to the occurrence of various diseases.

2、 Comprehensive Treatment of Incineration Slag

1. Chemical treatment method

Chemical treatment is a method to convert hazardous substances into harmless substances by chemical reaction of Incineration slag. This method requires the use of a large amount of chemical reagents, resulting in high processing costs and secondary pollution.

2. Physical processing method

Physical treatment refers to the physical method of screening and grinding Incineration slag to separate it into useful resources. This method has a lower processing cost, but the processing effect is not ideal enough.

3. Biological treatment method

垃圾焚烧炉渣综合处理 biological treatment method is a method that uses microorganisms and other organisms to treat Incineration slag and transform harmful substances into harmless substances. This method has lower processing costs and can also achieve better processing results.

3、 Advantages of Comprehensive Treatment of Incineration Slag

1. Resource utilization

Through comprehensive treatment, the useful resources in Incineration slag can be recycled to reduce waste and achieve the purpose of resource utilization.

2. Environmental benefits

垃圾焚烧炉渣综合处理 Comprehensive treatment can transform harmful substances in Incineration slag, reduce environmental pollution and achieve environmental benefits.

3. Economic benefits

Comprehensive treatment can transform Incineration slag into useful resources and increase the economic benefits of enterprises.

4、 Application of Comprehensive Treatment of Incineration Slag

Comprehensive treatment of Incineration slag has been widely used at home and abroad, mainly in the following fields:

1. Building materials field

Incineration slag can be used to produce building materials, such as cement, concrete, etc.

2. Road construction field

Incineration slag can be used for road construction, such as subgrade, pavement, etc.

3. Agricultural sector

Incineration slag can be used in agricultural fields, such as soil improvement, plant nutrition, etc.

5、 Conclusion

The comprehensive treatment of Incineration slag is an important environmental protection task, which requires our joint efforts. Through comprehensive treatment, Incineration slag can be transformed into useful resources to achieve the purpose of resource utilization. At the same time, it can also reduce environmental pollution and protect human health.