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Spiral chute
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Spiral Chute 1. Equipment Introduction: A gravity beneficiation machine used for separating light and heavy minerals through continuous centrifugal force during the rotary spiral movement of mortar. 2、 The principle of operation is that the slurry is slowly fed to the rotating groove surface through the feeding chute at the end of the spiral groove head, and sorting is carried out. The tail of the spiral groove is equipped with a valve type product acquisition groove, allowing other equipment to be classified into three categories according to grade along the radial direction. By adjusting the orientation of the valve block to change the selection width of each product, the equipment gathering bucket will densely extract the intercepted multi-directional mineral flow. The cross section of the spiral concentrator and the slope change of the curve are extremely suitable for the selection of fine materials. Spiral chute  螺旋式溜槽 III. Features and advantages: 1. Large scale and high production capacity. Nowadays, the overall requirement for processing mineral materials is to establish profits on a large scale. 2. Fine granulation: for the treatment of fine particle grade mineral aggregate, especially for the treatment of minerals with the particle size of -0.047mm, the original machine can basically ensure the recovery of+0.047mm Granularity. 3. With the development of Hydraulics, two-phase flow, mechanical vibration, etc., GRP chutes have developed from simple gravity and water blocking force to combined centrifugal force, equipment vibration force, magnetic separation force, etc. By using a composite force field, the enrichment of suitable mineral materials and the separation of fine particles and micro particles are enhanced, thereby improving mineral recovery rate. 4. The basic starting point is to save energy consumption, reduce energy consumption and protect the environment. The area and space occupied should be small, and the water and electricity consumption should be small. 5. Simple and flexible operation, stable sorting process, simple structure, convenient for Computerized maintenance management system. The structure of the spiral concentrator consists of a feed equalizer, a cross (tripod), a feed chute, a rotating groove, a selection groove, a gathering bucket, and a groove support. Spiral chute 5. Utilization range: Spiral chute is suitable for processing 0.6-0.03mm and vein ore or ore sand, but it is unfavorable for sorting when the mud content is high. Nowadays, it has been widely used in the processing of iron, tungsten, tin ore, niobium tantalum ore, beach and river sand mines, as well as sand gold mines.  螺旋式溜槽 spiral chute