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Daily processing capacity of spiral chute
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Spiral chute daily processing capacity 1. Introduction: Gravity separation is widely used in the beneficiation of metallic and non-metallic ores due to its low environmental pollution and low cost. The spiral beneficiation machine is one of the gravity beneficiation machines, with a cross-sectional shape of cubic parabola, suitable for processing finer particle sizes of -0.2mm. During the sorting process, do not add flushing water, and cut off the fine, medium, and tailings in sections at the bottom of the tank. 2、 Apply skills to make the FRP chute stand up, calibrate the vertical line, fix the iron frame or wood at the appropriate position, and let the sand ore be sent to the two ore inlets on the spiral top by the mortar pump. Add make-up water to mobilize the density of the mineral slurry. The mineral slurry naturally swirls from top to bottom. There is a coherent centrifugal force in the rotating slope flow speed, which is different in density, specific gravity, Granularity and shape of the mineral sand, After the gravity and centrifugal force of the swirling flow, the ore and sand are separated, and the selected ore enters the concentrate hopper and is piped out. The tailings flow into the tailings hopper and are piped to the sand pit, and then discharged by a sand pump, completing the entire beneficiation process. Spiral chutes have a daily processing capacity of  螺旋溜槽日处理能力. Highlight features: 1. Stable, easy to control, and a wide concentration range. 2. Strong production and processing capacity of mineral materials, high enrichment ratio, and high recovery probability. 3. The area is not occupied much, with low water consumption, simple structure, and no need for power. 4. Installation is simple and easy to operate, with low investment and fast returns. The daily processing capacity of the  螺旋溜槽日处理能力 spiral chute is four. The structural composition of the fiberglass chute is composed of a feeding homogenizer, a cross (tripod), a feeding trough, a rotating trough, a selection trough, a gathering hopper, and a trough support. Daily processing capacity of spiral chute V. Applicable field The spiral concentrator is suitable for separating fine grained iron ore, ilmenite ore, chromite ore, pyrite ore, placer tin, tantalum niobium ore, placer gold, coal, monazite ore, Rutile ore, zircon sand, rare earth ore and other metal and nonferrous metal minerals with sufficient density ratio difference. Daily processing capacity of  螺旋溜槽日处理能力 spiral chute