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Spiral chutes for mineral processing equipment
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Mineral processing equipment spiral chute 1. Description: Spiral mineral processing machine summarizes the characteristics of gravity mineral processing spiral chute, fiberglass spiral chute, shaking table, and centrifugal gold concentrator. After relevant scientific research organized by the Ministry of Metallurgy, appraisal conducted by departments such as design, university, and concentrator, it is recognized as having excellent performance, advanced sorting indicators, and has been awarded the Science and Technology Research Achievement Award by the Ministry of Metallurgical Industry. It is now in the field of non-ferrous metals Ferrous is widely used. This machine is applicable to sorting iron ore, ilmenite, chromite, pyrite, zircon sand, Rutile, monazite, phosphorus ethyl, tungsten, cassiterite, tantalum, niobium of 0.3-0.02 mm fine materials, and other non-ferrous metals, rare mineral metals or non-metallic minerals with gravity difference. 2、 The working principle is the same: mineral mortar is slowly fed onto the rotating groove surface through the feeding chute installed at the end of the spiral groove head, and sorting is carried out. The bottom of the spiral groove is equipped with a valve block type product cutting groove, and the selected equipment is divided into three types according to grade along the radial direction. By adjusting the position of the valve block to change the acquisition width of each product, the equipment gathering hopper allows the selected multi head ore flow to be aggregated and exported. The cross section of the spiral concentrator and the change in slope of the curve are very suitable for the selection of fine-grained ore materials. Beneficiation equipment spiral chute  选矿设备螺旋溜槽 III. Special features 1. Stable separation process and simple control 2. Large allowable variation range of ore feed concentration 3. High enrichment ratio and high recovery probability 4. Small area occupied, low water consumption 5. Simple structure, no power required 6. Large processing capacity 7. Simple installation and easy operation 8. Small investment, quick results  选矿设备螺旋溜槽 Beneficiation equipment spiral chute 4 The fiberglass spiral chute is composed of six parts: a feeding distributor, a feeding chute, a spiral groove, an equipment cutting groove, a product gathering hopper, and a bracket (including a cross or triangular frame) for this groove. The rotating groove connected by spiral blades is a key component. The rotating plate is made of fiberglass (fiber reinforced coal gangue) and connected together by bolts. The spiral groove has a pre made wear-resistant layer on the selected surface. He also has the advantage of lightweight, sturdy, and long-lasting consumables. The rotary groove is equipped with a multi tube ore feeding homogenizer to screen minerals, which is easy to control. The mineral separator does not need to be placed on a cross (or tripod) on a support table. The mineral mortar with an average score is slowly fed onto the surface of the rotating groove through a feeding chute installed at the head of the spiral groove for sorting. The bottom of the spiral groove is installed in a valve block type new product cutting groove, and the selected new equipment will be divided into three (or four) types of new products along the radial direction according to grade. Change the selection width of each new product by adjusting the orientation of the valve block. The new equipment gathering bucket is a concentric circular tube that allows the obtained multi-directional mineral flow to be differentiated, gathered, and led out. The transverse plane of the spiral chute and the slope change of the curve are extremely suitable for the sorting of fine-grained materials. Beneficiation equipment spiral chute 5. Scope of application: The spiral beneficiation machine is suitable for processing 0.6-0.03 millimeters and vein ore and this ore sand, but it is unfavorable for beneficiation when the mud content is high. At present, it has been widely used for processing iron ore sand, tungsten, tin ore, tantalum niobium, coastal and riverside ore sand, and placer gold.  选矿设备螺旋溜槽 beneficiation equipment spiral chute