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Spiral chute beneficiation
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Spiral chute beneficiation Spiral chute beneficiation 1. Overview Gravity separation is widely used in the beneficiation of metal and non-ferrous metals due to its low pollution and low cost. Spiral chute is one of the gravity beneficiation machines, characterized by a cubic parabolic cross-section, suitable for processing finer particle sizes of -0.2 millimeters. During the sorting process, there is no need to add water for flushing, and the end of the chute is divided into sections to select fine, medium, and tailings. 2、 The working principle is the same: the mortar is slowly fed to the surface of the spiral groove by installing a feeding chute at the end of the rotating groove head, and sorting is carried out. The tail of the rotating groove is equipped with a valve type product selection groove, which divides the selection equipment into three types according to grade along the radial direction. By adjusting the orientation of the valve block to change the cutting width of each product, the equipment gathering hopper allows the obtained multi-directional mineral flow to be collected and led out separately. The cross-section of the spiral chute, with a slope change of ten thousand, is suitable for the separation of fine particle materials. Spiral chute beneficiation  螺旋溜槽选矿 III. Advantages and characteristics: 1. High efficiency, high recovery probability, and precise mineral separation; 2. No power required; 3. Lightweight, rust resistant, durable, wear-resistant, and highly corrosion-resistant; 4. Low operating costs and long service life; 5. Strong adaptability to fluctuation of feed volume, density, Granularity and grade; The frictional force on the surface of 6 diamond sand makes the beneficiation efficiency superior to other plastic surfaces.  螺旋溜槽选矿 Spiral Chute Beneficiation 4. Structural Composition: The spiral concentrator consists of a feed equalizer, a cross (tripod), a feed chute, a rotating groove, a selection groove, a gathering bucket, and a groove support. 5、 The fiberglass spiral chute is suitable for processing 0.6-0.03mm and vein ore as well as sand ore, but it is unfavorable for sorting when the mud content is high. Nowadays, it has been widely used for processing iron ore, tungsten, tin ore, tantalum niobium ore, coastal and riverbed ore, or gold ore.  螺旋溜槽选矿 spiral chute beneficiation