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What are the characteristics of Sha Jin equipment?
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Sand gold equipment is a device for separating sand gold, which mixes sediment containing gold such as river sand, dry beach sand, and rock debris together. By utilizing the specific gravity, hydrophilicity, and other physical properties of gold, gravity and flotation techniques are used to separate gold from these substances. Sand gold can be divided into two types: gravity separation and flotation, and the equipment used for these two sand gold technologies is also different. As long as we can successfully complete the work of Sha Jin, we can use this Sha Jin equipment to provide services. This article introduces the characteristics of several sand gold equipment.

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1. Drum chute

This sand and gold equipment utilizes the principle of fixed chute gold selection. This sand and gold equipment utilizes periodic agitation to complete the layering and sand removal processes. It is important to use this equipment to improve the recovery rate of sand and gold. The structure of the equipment is simple and the frequency of malfunctions is relatively low, making it a very practical sand gold equipment.

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2. Shaker

A shaker is a device that uses gravity separation technology for sand gold. The separation effect of sand gold in a shaker is very good, usually using multiple shakers to work together, which can accelerate the speed of sand gold. A shaker is generally used in the secondary selection of sand gold, which can improve the extraction effect of sand gold.

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3. Fixed chute

The fixed chute does not require any external power, and the production cost of this equipment is relatively low, and the purchase threshold is also relatively low. Simple operation is also a characteristic of fixed chutes. However, fixed chutes are more suitable for first-time gold placements, as their fine gold recovery effect is relatively poor.

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The characteristics of different sand gold devices also vary, and when choosing to use them, it is still necessary to choose according to one's own needs. Jinqiang mining machine manufacturer has a wide range of sand gold equipment models, which can meet everyone's procurement needs.