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Sand washing separator
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The sand washing separator, also known as the sand and stone separator, is a material and stone sorting equipment suitable for river embankments, water conservancy hubs, and coal plants. The sand washing separator is composed of a ship shell, an iron frame, a reducer, a conveyor belt, a rotary screen, a car engine or an electric motor. The sand washing separator has a simple structure, can be used for economic development, and is easy to operate in practice. The sand washing separator is divided into manual sand washing machine equipment, water cleaning hand washing mobile sand washing machine equipment, vibrating screen sand washing machine equipment, etc.

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The sand and gravel separator equipment is a type of sand mining machinery that uses screening equipment to separate raw materials of different sizes.

The sand and gravel separator equipment imitates the principle of manually using a sloping stainless steel screen to screen sand. It uses a flat rolling screen cylinder and ensures that the material flow can continue to roll over five circles of the spiral dragon blades in multiple circles of the screen cylinder, thereby continuously rolling and separating the sand material into discrete variables; The sand and gravel separator equipment is different from the size selection and buried pressure caused by the inclined rolling screen, and the entire screening process is hasty; The sand and gravel separator equipment is also different from the inclined vibrating screen in terms of size, material vibration, and material misalignment.

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The sand and gravel separator equipment consists of a raw material storage bin, a raw material feeding belt conveyor, a flat stainless steel screen, a finished sand stacking transmission belt, and a waste stone feeding trough. After the mud and water separator in the sand washing plant is plugged in and operated, the loading and cutting machine loads the raw materials into a large space storage bin. The raw materials are invested into the flat screen cylinder through the feeding transmission belt, and the rotating screen cylinder pushes the raw materials to select the edges of the leaves inside the cylinder The actual effect of manual sand screening of raw materials sliding on the stainless steel screen screen surface is produced when the sand is rolled over. The finished sand screened by the slurry separator in the sand washing plant falls on the finished sand pelt according to the asphalt mixture hopper. At the same time, the slurry separator in the sand washing plant is raised by the drive belt and falls down to the finished material pile or immediately falls into the storage bin. The whole process is continuous and the classification of raw materials is clear and accurate.