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Ball mill classifier
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The ball mill classifier production line refers to a complete crushing system composed of an airflow crusher, a cyclone dust collector, dust removal equipment, and a centrifugal fan.

The basic principle of a ball mill classifier is to form a complete crushing system consisting of an airflow crusher, a cyclone dust collector, dust removal equipment, and a centrifugal fan. After the air compression is dry and dry, according to the Laval nozzle, the air quickly gushes into the crushing chamber. At the intersection of multi-core high pressure cyclones, the raw materials are continuously impacted, rubbed, and cut, and the crushed raw materials move to the same classification area with the rising air flow under the suction effect of the centrifugal fan. Under the strong Centripetal force effect caused by the high-speed operation of the hierarchical turbocharging, the large and small raw materials are separated, Fine particles conforming to the particle size distribution regulations are collected by cyclones and dust removal equipment according to the grade classification, and coarse particles are reduced to the crushing area for further crushing.


Ball mill classifiers are widely used in fields such as chemical plants, minerals, metallurgical industries, wear-resistant materials, ceramics, refractory insulation materials, pharmaceuticals, fertilizers, food products, health products, and new materials.

Characteristics of ball mill classifier

Suitable for dry crushing of various raw materials with hardness below 9, especially for crushing of high toughness, high purity, and high efficiency raw materials.

● Including column type grade classification equipment, with commodity particle size distribution D97:8-150 μ M is adjustable in the middle, with good particle shape and narrow Particle size analysis.

Ultra low temperature material free crushing, especially suitable for crushing raw materials with heat sensitivity, low melting point, sugar content, and volatile matter.