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Electromagnetic concentrator equipment
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The electromagnetic concentrator equipment can be used for the maximum recovery rate of tungsten, cassiterite, zircon, red gold, gold, and silver, and is one of the important equipment for mineral processing in domestic mines.

Construction of electromagnetic concentrator equipment.

Electromagnetic concentrator equipment(图1)

The main equipment of the electromagnetic concentrator includes seven parts: hopper, conveying device, drum, electrode, brush, ore discharge, and transmission:

1、 The ore hopper is a storage and heating equipment for ore, with a built-in constant temperature and automatic control of the heating system, which can ensure uniform temperature of the sorted materials.

The feeding device consists of a feeding regulator, a feeding plate, and a blocking plate, and the amount of ore is controlled by adjusting the handwheel. When descending, it is necessary to slowly adjust and ensure that the material evenly falls on the drum. The function of the ore baffle is to prevent the material from directly falling onto the guide hopper.

The diameter of the two drums is 220-320mm (outer diameter), and the drum length is 1500mm. The grounding positive electrode of the drum is an important component for achieving sorting. Unlike other electric separators at home and abroad, the electric heating cylinder is fixed on the support shaft with an empty shaft for rotation, while the electric heating cylinder uses a non rotating support shaft for rotation, thereby improving heating efficiency, absolute safety and reliability, and achieving automatic control of the support temperature.

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The electrode structure of this electromagnetic concentrator adopts composite electrodes, also known as composite electric fields, which can form two sets of electrode structures. They are suitable for selecting electrodes with smaller coarse and fine particle sizes. The corona electrode adopts nickel chromium resistance wire with X=0.32mm and higher strength. The electromagnetic concentrator adopts a screw fixed bracket, and the electrostatic electrode is also fixed on the bracket with screws. The distance between the corona electrode and the electrostatic electrode can be adjusted, and the distance between the electrostatic electrode and the stainless steel pipe can also be adjusted. The angle of X=30-35mm can be selected, and the distance between the electrostatic electrode and the center line of the drum can be adjusted diagonally. Due to different ore distances, angles, and voltages, the distance between the electrode and the drum can be adjusted.

Due to the suction of the mirror surface into the drum surface, a brush must be used to brush it into a non-conductive mining bucket. Therefore, there should also be a belt at the rear of the drum to connect it with the drum. The outer diameter of the brush is X=140 millimeters, and the speed is 1.25 times. (Mineral brushes made entirely of new material felt)

6. The ore discharge equipment and ore discharge are self flowing, with conductor ore discharged from the front of the machine, and intermediate ore and tailings (non conductor ore) discharged from the front of the machine. The divider is a regulating device for regulating the production of conductor and non conductor grades, both made of insulating plastic sheets to prevent induced electrification.

The speed of the 7 transmission electric separator and drum is closely related to the separation of various minerals, requiring smooth rotation and stepless speed regulation. This machine uses an AC variable speed motor with a power of 1.1-4kw as the power source.

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