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Zirconium titanium gravity separation method and steps
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Zirconium titanium ore is an important metallic mineral resource, mainly composed of zirconium and titanium. The mining and extraction of zirconium titanium ore is of great significance for modern industry. The separation of zirconium and titanium is a very important step in the extraction process of zirconium titanium ore. The zirconium titanium gravity separation method is a common separation method, and its operating steps are as follows:

1、 Equipment preparation

The equipment required for zirconium titanium gravity separation includes: gravity separation machine, water pump, water tank, vibrating screen, etc.

2、 Sample preparation

锆钛重力分选方法与步骤锆钛重力分选方法与步骤 Crush the zirconium titanium ore sample to an appropriate particle size, and then sieve it through a vibrating screen to obtain a suitable sample.

3、 Gravity sorting

Add the sample to the gravity sorting machine and inject water into the sorting machine through a water pump, allowing the sample to be sorted in the water flow. Due to the different specific gravity of zirconium and titanium, they will settle to different positions under the action of water flow, thus achieving separation.

4、 Collect and sort products

Collect the separated zirconium and titanium separately for subsequent processing.

锆钛重力分选方法与步骤 V. Cleaning equipment

After sorting, the equipment needs to be cleaned for future use.


The zirconium titanium gravity separation method is a simple and effective separation method. Through the above steps, effective separation of zirconium and titanium can be achieved, providing strong support for subsequent extraction work.