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Zirconium titanium gravity beneficiation plan
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With the continuous development of technology, the mining and utilization of mineral resources have also been greatly improved. Among them, zirconium titanium ore is an important rare metal mineral resource with wide applications, such as aerospace, shipbuilding, nuclear industry, etc. Therefore, the beneficiation technology of zirconium titanium ore has also become one of the research hotspots. This article will introduce a zirconium titanium gravity beneficiation scheme, hoping to be helpful to the general readers.

1、 Properties of Zirconium Titanate

Zirconium titanium ore is a typical heavy mineral with a density of approximately 4.6-5.7g/cm ³, The color is black or brownish black. Zirconium titanium ore mainly contains two substances: zirconia (ZrO2) and titanium oxide (TiO2). The content of zirconia is generally between 50% -60%, while the content of titanium oxide is between 20% -30%. In addition, zirconium titanium ore also contains some other elements, such as iron, aluminum, magnesium, etc.

2、 Beneficiation methods of zirconium titanium ore

At present, the main beneficiation methods for zirconium titanium ore include gravity separation, magnetic separation, electric separation, flotation, etc. Among them, gravity separation is a common mineral processing method, which uses the density difference of zirconate and titanium ore for separation. The advantages of gravity separation method are simple equipment, convenient operation, and good beneficiation effect, so it is widely used.

3、 Zirconium titanium gravity beneficiation plan

Zirconium titanium gravity beneficiation scheme is a beneficiation method based on the principle of gravity separation, which utilizes the different behaviors of minerals with different densities in the gravity field to separate minerals. The specific operation steps are as follows:

1. Crushing of ore: After crushing the raw ore, the ore powder with a particle size of less than 0.5mm is obtained.

2. Gravity separation: Place the mineral powder into a gravity separation machine and use the principle of gravity separation to separate the minerals. The structure of a gravity separator generally includes parts such as ore hopper, sieve, chute, vibrator, etc. After screening through a sieve, the mineral powder enters a chute and is divided into two parts: heavy minerals and light minerals through the flow of water. Heavy minerals are deposited at the bottom of the chute, while light minerals are washed away.

3. Grinding: Grind the heavy minerals after gravity separation again to obtain finer ore powder.

锆钛重力选矿方案4. Re-selection: Place the ground ore powder into the gravity separator again for sorting. The content of heavy minerals after re selection can reach over 90%.

5. Magnetic separation: Magnetic separation is performed on the selected heavy minerals to remove any magnetic minerals.

锆钛重力选矿方案6. Electrical separation: Electrical separation is performed on heavy minerals after magnetic separation to remove non electrical minerals.

7. Flotation: Float the heavy minerals after electrical separation to remove iron and silicon minerals.

Through the above operating steps, high-grade zirconium titanium ore concentrate can be obtained, with a total content of zirconia and titanium oxide reaching over 60%.

4、 Summary

The zirconium titanium gravity beneficiation scheme is a relatively mature zirconium titanium ore beneficiation method, which has the advantages of simple equipment, convenient operation, and good beneficiation effect. However, in practical operation, adjustments and improvements still need to be made according to specific circumstances to improve beneficiation efficiency and economic benefits.