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Tin tungsten sand re selection test
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Tin tungsten sand is an important metal ore with high tin and tungsten content, widely used in fields such as metallurgy, electronics, and chemical engineering. Due to the fine particle size of tin tungsten sand, it is difficult to use traditional physical beneficiation methods for beneficiation, so gravity separation method is needed for extraction. This article will introduce the operating steps and results of the tin tungsten sand gravity separation test.

1、 Experimental Principles

The tin tungsten sand gravity separation experiment utilizes physical and mechanical principles such as gravity, centrifugal force, and resistance to separate the ore according to its density, size, and other characteristics, in order to achieve the purpose of extracting the target metal. The commonly used gravity separation equipment includes gravity concentrators, centrifugal concentrators, spiral concentrators, etc.

2、 Experimental steps

1. Sample preparation

After crushing, sieving, and other treatments, the tin tungsten sand sample is prepared into an experimental sample that meets the requirements.

2. Preparation of experimental equipment

According to the experimental requirements, select suitable re selection equipment and prepare for equipment installation, debugging, and other preparations.

3. Experimental conditions setting

According to the experimental requirements, set appropriate parameters such as feed flow rate, water flow rate, inclination angle, etc. to ensure the smooth progress of the experiment.

4. Experimental Operations

Place the prepared sample into the reselection equipment and operate according to the experimental conditions. During the experimental process, it is necessary to continuously adjust parameters to achieve the best beneficiation effect.

5. Analysis of experimental results

Based on the experimental results, analyze the beneficiation effect, determine the optimal operating parameters and equipment combination, and provide reference for industrial production.

3、 Experimental results

In this tin tungsten sand gravity separation experiment, we used a centrifugal concentrator for the experiment. After multiple experiments, the optimal operating parameters were finally determined: feed flow rate of 10L/min, water flow rate of 20L/min, and inclination angle of 10 degrees. Under these parameters, the beneficiation effect of tin tungsten sand is the best, which can achieve high tin and tungsten content.

锡钨砂重选试验 IV. Experimental Conclusion

Through this tin tungsten sand gravity separation experiment, we have successfully determined the optimal operating parameters and equipment combination, providing a reference for industrial production. At the same time, we have also discovered problems in the process of heavy selection of tin tungsten sand, such as equipment maintenance and the technical level of operators, which need to be addressed in subsequent production.