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Tin ore beneficiation equipment
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What are the process methods for tin ore beneficiation production line

Tin ore beneficiation production lines usually use gravity separation method, which is determined by the higher density of tin ore compared to symbiotic minerals. However, iron oxide minerals such as Magnetite and Hematite are often associated with tin ores, so the tin ore dressing production line can not completely separate the ores only by gravity concentration. So magnetic separation and flotation methods are also used for the beneficiation of tin ore production lines.

Tin ore beneficiation production line process flow

The tin ore beneficiation production line is roughly divided into four stages: crushing, grinding, flotation, and drying. Each stage is properly connected, and the configuration of tin ore beneficiation equipment is reasonable. The entire process is smoother and the operation is particularly convenient.


1. Crushing stage

The properties of tin ore are relatively simple, and good results can be achieved by simply crushing it in one step with a jaw crusher. After crushing, the tin ore particles have uniform size, beautiful particle shape, and no over crushing, providing high-quality raw materials for the next step, reducing the load of grinding equipment, and having a good promoting effect on improving the grade of tin concentrate.


2. Grinding stage

The grinding stage of tin ore is to evenly feed the crushed material into a ball mill and grind it into powder form, with the aim of achieving full dissociation of tin minerals from other minerals. At this stage, it is necessary to use a spiral classifier to reasonably classify the ground materials, and only qualified materials that meet the conditions can enter the next stage; On the contrary, it will be sent back to the crusher to continue crushing, and so on in a cyclic manner. The entire grinding process consumes relatively low energy and has a good operating effect.


3. Flotation stage

Flotation is a key link in the entire tin ore beneficiation process. It uses a dedicated tin ore flotation machine designed by Jinqiang Mining, which has higher sorting accuracy, more convenient operation, less drug consumption and waste, and no environmental pollution. The ground tin ore powder first enters the stirring drum and is thoroughly stirred to form a slurry. Then, it is sent to the flotation machine and corresponding flotation agents are added to fully react to obtain tin concentrate.

4. Drying stage

The tin concentrate after flotation will contain a large amount of water, which needs to be dehydrated and dried by a dryer to better improve the grade of the tin concentrate.


Tin ore beneficiation equipment

1. Eosine crusher: Eosine crusher is a crushing equipment in tin ore beneficiation equipment.

2. Ball mill: Ball mill is a grinding equipment in tin ore beneficiation equipment.

3. Spiral classifier: Spiral classifier is a classification equipment in tin ore beneficiation equipment.

4. Flotation machine: Flotation machine is one of the important equipment in tin ore beneficiation equipment.

5. Drying machine: A drying machine is a drying equipment used in tin ore beneficiation equipment.


Characteristics of Tin Ore Dressing Production Line

1. The price of the entire tin ore production line is about 3% -10% cheaper, and the spatial layout is scientific and compact, reducing infrastructure area and effectively reducing investment costs of over 250000 yuan;

2. Fully respond to the country" Energy conservation and emission reduction; Call for more stable operation, less noise, and less pollution;

3. Low failure rate, large processing capacity, high degree of automation, and more convenient operation;

4. The flotation effect is good, and the grade of tin concentrate is increased by 30%, fully realizing the comprehensive utilization of resources, which has significant economic and social benefits.