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Baryte beneficiation equipment
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The Baryte beneficiation production line is a production line to improve the specific gravity and grade of Baryte mine. Generally speaking, the grade and specific gravity of the original Baryte mine, accompanied by other gangue and other impurities, cannot meet the requirements of industrial production. Therefore, the Baryte beneficiation production line must be used to increase the specific gravity and grade to meet the industrial requirements before sales. The Baryte beneficiation production line is mainly composed of crushers, vibrating screens, tripping machines, dewatering screens and other equipment. The configuration of the collective Baryte beneficiation production line must be determined according to the characteristics and actual conditions of the Baryte mine. When the mud content in Baryte production line is high, ore washing process needs to be increased.


The Baryte beneficiation production line is composed of jaw crusher, drum washer, round vibrating screen, silo, feeder, large particle jig, dewatering screen and other equipment. Baryte is first coarsely crushed by jaw crusher, and the coarsely crushed materials enter the drum washer through belt conveyor for cleaning. The cleaned materials enter the round vibrating screen to be divided into different particle sizes, and then enter the silo respectively, The material is uniformly fed into the jig through a vibrating feeder for gravity beneficiation and purification. The concentrate and tailings from the skip machine are then dehydrated through a linear dewatering screen and transported to their respective destinations.

As there are many common beneficiation methods for Baryte ore, the gravity concentration method of Baryte production line is the most energy-saving, efficient and environmentally friendly beneficiation method, so it is widely used in Baryte ore plants. Baryte production line is a gravity concentration production line with gravity concentration equipment as the core, which is generally composed of crusher, vibrating screen, jig, dewatering screen and other equipment. Some Baryte slime content is high, and washing machines need to be added.


Baryte beneficiation equipment Gravity concentration equipment:

Crushing stage: jaw crusher, impact crusher, roller crusher

Selection stage: heavy medium rotary drum sorting machine, conical sorting machine, skip sorting machine, shaking table;

Desliming stage: Hydrocyclone.


In addition, Baryte production line also includes Baryte production line flotation process, Baryte production line magnetic separation process and Baryte beneficiation production line combined process, etc. Its Baryte beneficiation equipment is composed as follows

Flotation process Baryte beneficiation equipment:

Crushing and screening stage: jaw crusher and circular vibrating screen;

Selection stage: stirring tank, flotation machine.


Magnetic separation process Baryte processing equipment.

Crushing stage: jaw crusher and circular vibrating screen;

Selection stage: magnetic separator, magnetic roller.


Combined process Baryte beneficiation equipment.

Flotation stage: flotation cell and flotation machine;

Selection stage: jig, shaker;

Magnetic separation stage: magnetic separator and magnetic roller.