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Tungsten ore beneficiation production line
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Tungsten is a high melting point rare metal or refractory rare metal in the fields of metallurgy and metal materials, widely used in various fields such as the universe, atomic energy, shipbuilding, automotive industry, electrical industry, electronics industry, chemical industry, etc.

Process methods for tungsten ore beneficiation production line

The main process methods for tungsten ore beneficiation production line include manual beneficiation, heavy medium tungsten ore beneficiation production line, gravity tungsten ore beneficiation production line, flotation tungsten ore production line, magnetic tungsten ore beneficiation production line, and electric tungsten ore beneficiation production line. Wolframite is mainly selected by gravity, and Scheelite is mainly selected by flotation. Most Wolframite ores in China are easy to concentrate. Scheelite is a complex ore with a low grade and difficult to concentrate. In addition, the tungsten oxide wolfram has not been recycled yet.

There are several main methods for tungsten ore beneficiation production line:

Gravity concentration method: in some media or media flow (mainly water), mineral processing is carried out according to the Density contrast of minerals. The advantages of the tungsten ore gravity separation production line are simple equipment structure, convenient operation, and low production cost. Common Scheelite dressing equipment includes heavy medium equipment, jigger, shaker, chute, centrifugal concentrator, etc.


Flotation: It is the most widely used method in tungsten ore beneficiation production lines, which separates useful minerals from minerals based on the physical and chemical properties of the mineral particle surface. Fine particles and materials, as well as fine particles that are difficult to recover by other mineral processing methods, are suitable for flotation. Union Carbide has developed lime flotation of Scheelite, and shear flocculation flotation has also been used in some plants for Scheelite beneficiation production line.


Magnetic separation: It is a method of using magnetic force to remove magnetic metal impurities from oil. The application of magnetic separation is to use the magnetic differences of various ores or materials to select under the action of magnetic force and other forces.

Cleaning method: Separation method based on mineral density. Place the sand sample in a sand tray filled with water, repeatedly vibrate, stir, and clean, leaving heavy minerals at the bottom of the tray and light minerals floating out with water to separate heavy minerals.


The production line of Scheelite ore dressing equipment is composed of jaw crusher, ball mill, grader, magnetic separator, flotation machine, thickener, dryer and other main equipment. It can form a complete tungsten ore dressing production line with feeder, elevator and conveyor. The production line of Scheelite beneficiation equipment has the advantages of high efficiency, low energy consumption, high processing capacity, and reasonable economy. Scheelite ore dressing equipment can also be used together with ore feeders, elevators, etc. to form a complete tungsten ore dressing production line. Our company can provide customers with a series of products. The whole set of Scheelite beneficiation equipment has the advantages of high production, low energy, high processing capacity, and economic rationality.


Tungsten ore production line process.

The production process of the tungsten ore production line is as follows: The mined ore is initially crushed by a jaw crusher, and after being crushed to a reasonable fineness, it is evenly fed into a ball mill by a hoist and feeder. The ball mill then crushes and grinds the ore. The fine ore material ground by a ball mill enters the next process: classification. The spiral classifier uses different specific gravity of solid particles to precipitate at different rates in the liquid, cleaning and grading the ore mixture. When the cleaned and graded mineral mixture passes through a magnetic separator, due to the different specific magnetization coefficients of various minerals, the magnetic substances in the mixture are separated by magnetic and mechanical forces. The mineral particles preliminarily separated by the magnetic separator are fed into the flotation machine, and different drugs are added according to different mineral characteristics to separate the required minerals from other substances. When the required minerals are separated, due to the presence of a large amount of water for separation, they must be initially concentrated by a thickener and then dried by a dryer to obtain dry minerals.