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Lead zinc ore beneficiation production line
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Lead and zinc are one of the earliest metals extracted by humans from lead and zinc ores. Lead and zinc are widely used in fields such as electrical industry, mechanical industry, military industry, metallurgical industry, chemical industry, light industry, pharmaceutical industry, etc.

The application prospects of lead-zinc ore are also becoming increasingly broad, and many beneficiation plants are increasing their investment in lead-zinc ore production lines. So, what lead-zinc ore beneficiation equipment needs to be equipped in the lead-zinc ore beneficiation production line? How to design the production line process for lead-zinc ore beneficiation?


Lead zinc ore beneficiation production line technology and lead zinc ore beneficiation equipment configuration

① The crushing process of the Hubei crusher lead-zinc ore production line

The crushing process adopts a three stage one closed circuit process, with a total crushing ratio of 33. The raw ore is roughly crushed using a jaw crusher, and the coarse crushed products are placed in a vibrating screen. The products on the screen are placed in a cone crusher, and the products under the screen and vibrating screen are placed in a powder ore warehouse. The particle size of the medium crushing ore discharge is 35mm. The medium crushing ore discharge and fine crushing ore discharge are combined into a vibrating screen. The products on the screen are put into two short head cone crushers for fine crushing. The fine crushing and vibrating screen form a closed circuit, and the products under the screen are placed in the powder ore warehouse


② Grinding process of ball mill lead-zinc ore production line

There are a total of 5 conical ball mills, of which 4 form a closed circuit with the classifier and 1 form a closed circuit with the high weir single spiral classifier. The processing capacity of the ball mill is 17.5 tons per unit. The overflow concentration of the classifier is 40-50%, with a particle size of 50% -0.074 millimeters


③ The flotation process of the flotation machine lead-zinc ore production line

Flotation adopts a mixed flotation process with two systems. The first system consists of one rough selection, a third sweeping selection, and a second selection to handle the slurry volume of three ball mills. The second flotation system consists of primary roughing, secondary sweeping, secondary selection, secondary selection, tertiary selection, and tertiary selection. When all five ball mills are running, two mixed flotation systems are opened, usually only three ball mills and a very suitable flotation system are opened;


④ Spiral classifier - classification process of lead-zinc ore production line

The mixed concentrate is graded through the Hydrocyclone, the grit flows into the ball mill again, and the overflow with the particle size of 90% -0.074mm flows into the lead roughing again. Choose lead homework as one rough selection, three scans, and four selections. Tailings shall be selected at one time and returned for regrinding. For the third time, lead chose tailings for zinc sulfur separation. Zinc sulfur separation adopts one rough selection, three selections, and four selections. The fourth selection of concentrate is zinc concentrate, and the third selection of tailings is sulfur concentrate


⑤ Tailings treatment - Tailings treatment process of lead-zinc ore production line

The third sweep of mixed flotation tailings is tailings;

⑥ Dewatering process of concentrator lead-zinc ore beneficiation production line

The foam of lead, zinc and sulfur concentrates enters the thickener for dehydration. After the concentration of lead and zinc concentrates, they are respectively filtered through vacuum filters. Sulfur concentrate enters the vacuum filter for filtration


Equipment configuration for lead-zinc ore beneficiation

Lead zinc ore dressing equipment mainly includes: PE series jaw crusher, medium and fine cone crusher, ball mill (lattice type, overflow type, rod grinding, etc.), vibrating screen, grader, mixing drum (high concentration pulp mixing drum, chemical mixing drum, etc.), flotation machine (XJK, A, SF, XCF, BF, KYF, etc.), magnetic separator (dry type, wet type), thickener, vacuum filter press, dryer, Rotary kiln Belt conveyor and other auxiliary lead-zinc ore beneficiation equipment.

Lead zinc ore dressing equipment can comprehensively recover lead, zinc, copper, gold, silver, Platinum group, bismuth, III, cadmium, selenium, phosphorus, indium, gallium, germanium, cobalt, mercury and other minerals, with high economic value. At present, 85% of the lead and 95% of the zinc output in China are concentrated in five lead and zinc production bases in northeast, Hunan, Guangdong, Yunnan, Sichuan, and northwest China.