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Spiral chute jig
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Spiral chute jig 1. Brief introduction The gravity separation spiral chute is a combination of the characteristics of the gravity separation spiral chute, spiral concentrator, shaking table, centrifugal gold concentrator. It has passed the appraisal by the Ministry of Metallurgical Industry in organizing relevant scientific research, design, universities, mineral processing enterprises and other units. It is recognized that the mechanical performance is superior, the separation index is advanced, and it has won the Science and Technology Research Achievement Award of the Ministry of Metallurgical Industry. Now it has been widely used in non-ferrous and Ferrous metals. This machine is suitable for separating iron ore, Ilmenite, Chromite, pyrite, zircon, Rutile, monazite, phosphate rock, tungsten sand, sand tin, tantalum niobium ore, niobium and other non-ferrous metals, rare metals and non colored metal minerals with different specific gravity from fine materials with a Granularity of 0.3-0.02 mm. 2、 Use the method to erect the spiral chute, calibrate the vertical line, fix the iron frame or wood in the proper position, and let the mineral sand be sent to the two ore feeding ports above the spiral by the mortar pump, participate in water filling, adjust the density of the mineral sand slurry, and the mineral slurry naturally swirls from top to bottom, generating a single coherent centrifugal force in the rotating slope flow speed, which is distinguished by the specific gravity, Granularity and state of the placer, By separating the ore and sand through the gravity of the swirling flow and the effect of this centrifugal force, the selected ore flows into the concentrate hopper and is piped out. The tailings are discharged into the tailings hopper and moved to the sand tank through a pipeline, and then discharged by a slurry pump, completing the entire beneficiation process. Spiral Chute Jig Machine  螺旋溜槽跳汰机 III. Features: Fiberglass reinforced plastic chutes have attracted special attention among various gravity concentrators due to their low power consumption, simple structure, small footprint, easy operation, stable beneficiation, clear ore separation, no need for moving parts, convenient maintenance and management, and high output per unit area. The machinery has a relatively wide and stable groove surface, and the mineral mortar exhibits a large area of laminar flow, making it more suitable for processing medium to fine (-4mm) sized ores. We have made spiral chutes with diameters of 400, 600, 900, and 1200 millimeters domestically, Ф The processing capacity of 1200MM four head is about 4-6 T/H.  螺旋溜槽跳汰机 spiral chute jigger IV. According to the Granularity of the processed mineral materials, the chute can be divided into three types: (1) Coarse grained chute. The maximum Granularity of the feed is more than 2-3mm, and the maximum can reach 100-200mm. (2) Sand ore chute, processing 2-3mm Granularity ores. (3) The spiral chute of the ore slurry has a feeding particle size of less than 0.074 millimeters. Spiral Chute Jigger V. Scope of Application Glass fiber reinforced plastic spiral chutes are used to separate fine grained iron ore, ilmenite ore, chromite ore, pyrite ore, sand tin, tantalum niobium ore, placer gold mine, coal mine, monazite, Rutile, zircon ore, rare earth ore or have enough Density contrast to obtain other metal and non-metallic mineral materials.  螺旋溜槽跳汰机 spiral chute jig