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Technical Parameter Table of Spiral Chute
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Technical Parameter Table 1 and Equipment Description of Spiral Chute: A gravity separation machine used for mineral mortar to achieve lightweight and heavy mineral sorting due to the inertial centrifugal force during spiral motion. 2、 By using the method, the fiberglass chute is erected, aligned with the vertical line, and secured in a suitable position with an iron frame or wood. The mineral sand is transported by a sand pump to the two feeding ports on the spiral, and supplementary water is added to adjust the concentration of the mineral sand slurry. The mineral sand naturally swirls from high to low, and an inertial centrifugal force appears in the swirling slope flow rate, resulting in differences in density, specific gravity, particle size, and morphology of the mineral sand, The gravity and centrifugal force generated by the swirling flow separate the ore, and the concentrate enters the beneficiation hopper and is piped out. The tailings are discharged into the tailings hopper and transported to the sand pit through a pipeline, and then discharged by a mortar pump, completing the entire beneficiation process. Technical Parameter Table of Spiral Chute  螺旋溜槽技术参数表 III. Features 1. Stable separation steps and simple control 2. Large allowable variation range of ore feed concentration 3. High enrichment and high recovery rate 4. Small floor area and small water consumption 5. Simple structure, no power required 6. Large output 7. Simple installation and operation 8. Small investment, quick results  螺旋溜槽技术参数表 Technical Parameter Table of Spiral Chute 4. Granularity of processed ore materials according to types, Chutes can be divided into three types: (1) Coarse size chutes. The maximum Granularity of the feed is more than 2-3 mm, and the maximum can reach 100-200 mm. (2) Mineral sand chute, processing 2-3MM particle grade mineral materials. (3) Slurry chute, with a feeding particle size of less than 0.074mm. Table 5 Technical Parameters of Spiral Chutes. Scope of application: FRP spiral chutes are suitable for separating fine particles of iron, ferrotitanium, ferrochrome, ferrosulfide, tin, tantalum and niobium, gold, coal, monazite, Rutile, zircon, rare earth and other metal and non-metallic mineral materials with complete Density contrast. Technical Parameter Table for  螺旋溜槽技术参数表 Spiral Chute