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Spiral chute primary selection of tin ore
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Spiral chute preliminary selection of tin ore 1. Description: Spiral concentrator summarizes the characteristics of gravity beneficiation spiral chute, fiberglass spiral chute, shaking table, and centrifugal gold concentrator. After relevant scientific research organized by the Ministry of Metallurgy, appraisal conducted by departments such as design, university, and concentrator, it is recognized that this type of equipment has excellent performance, advanced sorting indicators, and has been awarded the Science and Technology Research Achievement Award by the Ministry of Metallurgical Industry. It is now in the field of non-ferrous metals Ferrous is widely used. This machine is applicable to sorting iron ore, ilmenite, chromite, pyrite, zircon sand, Rutile, monazite, phosphorus ethyl, tungsten, cassiterite, tantalum, niobium of 0.3-0.02 mm fine materials, and other non-ferrous metals, rare mineral metals or non-metallic minerals with gravity difference. 2、 The method of use is to set up the fiberglass chute, calibrate the vertical line, use an iron frame or wood to fix it in the appropriate position, and use a slurry pump to send the sand ore to the two feeding ports on the spiral head to supplement water and adjust the density of the mineral sand slurry. The mineral sand slurry naturally rotates from top to bottom, and an inertial centrifugal force occurs in the flow speed of the rotating inclined plane, which varies in density, specific gravity, particle size, and morphology of the sand ore, Under the action of swirling gravity or centrifugal force, the sand and ore are separated. The selected ore flows into the concentrate hopper and is piped out, while the tailings flow into the tailings hopper and are piped to the sand pit. Then, they are discharged by a sand pump, completing the entire beneficiation process. Spiral chute primary selection of tin ore  螺旋溜槽初选锡矿 III. Highlights and characteristics: 1. Stable, easy to control, with a relatively large concentration range. 2. The material production and processing capacity is large, with a high enrichment ratio and a high probability of recovery. 3. The area is not occupied much, consumes less water, has a simple structure, and does not require power. 4. Easy installation, simple operation, low investment, and quick returns. Preliminary Selection of Tin Mine for the  螺旋溜槽初选锡矿 Spiral Chute 4. Structure Composition: The fiberglass spiral chute is composed of a feeding device, a cross (tripod), a feeding chute, a spiral groove, a receiving groove, a gathering bucket, and a groove support. The spiral chute can be used to separate fine grained iron, ferrotitanium, ferrochrome, ferrosulfide, tin ore, tantalum niobium, gold ore, coal, monazite, Rutile, zircon, rare earth and other metals and nonferrous metals with completely different specific gravity.  螺旋溜槽初选锡矿 Spiral Chute Primary Selection of Tin Ore