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Procurement of spiral chutes
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Procurement of spiral chutes Procurement of spiral chutes 1. Overview: The selection of chutes belongs to the step of slope flow selection. Mineral mortar is fed to a partially inclined chute or inclined surface. With the assistance of flowing water, the mineral particle group is not tightly fastened and layered. The lighter mineral material on the upper part is quickly discharged out of the groove, while the heavy mineral material on the lower part is stagnant inside the groove or flows out at a low speed from the lower end. After being connected, the selected ore or tailings are obtained. The spiral concentrator is a mechanical device for mining and beneficiation, making it ideal for sand mining in coastal, river, sand beach, and stream beds. The product has the characteristics of appropriate structure, easy installation, small land occupation, easy operation, stable beneficiation, clear mineral separation, high yield, high-efficiency beneficiation, ultra-high enrichment ratio, high recycling rate, and reliable operation. It has the advantages of light weight, moisture prevention, rust prevention, corrosion resistance, and strong applicability to fluctuations in feed volume and density, Granularity, and grade. 2、 Use skills to make the spiral concentrator stand up, align it with the vertical line, use an iron shelf or wood to stabilize it in a suitable position, use the sand pump to transport the ore sand to the two feeding ports on the spiral head, add make-up water, and adjust the concentration of the ore slurry. The mineral slurry naturally swirls from high to low, and an inertial centrifugal force occurs in the flow rate of the swirling inclined surface to obtain the difference in gravity, Granularity and shape of the sand ore, By achieving the efficiency of gravity or centrifugal force through swirling flow, the ore and sand are separated, and the concentrate is discharged into the beneficiation hopper and connected out through pipelines. The tailings flow into the tailings hopper and are connected to the sand pit through pipelines, and then discharged by a mortar pump, completing the entire beneficiation process. Purchase spiral chute  采购螺旋溜槽 III. Characteristics or advantages 1. Major type, strong processing capacity. Today's mineral aggregate processing is objectively conditional on large-scale to create revenue. 2. Fine granulation: for the treatment of fine and micro particle minerals, especially the treatment of ore materials with Granularity of -0.047MM, the original equipment can basically ensure the recovery of+0.047mm particle size. 3. With the development of Hydraulics, two-phase flow and machine vibration, the spiral concentrator has developed from a simple use of gravity and water resistance to a composite application of centrifugal force, equipment vibration force, magnetic separation force, etc. By using a composite force field, more useful minerals are enriched and the separation of fine particles from these fine particles increases the ore recovery rate. 4. Based on energy saving, environmental protection and consumption reduction, the area and space occupied should be small, and the water and electricity consumption should be small. 5. The operation is simple and flexible, the sorting process is stable, the structure is simple and simple, and it is convenient for maintenance management.  采购螺旋溜槽 Procurement Spiral Chute 4. Structural Composition Spiral Chute is composed of 6 parts, including a feeding homogenizer, a feeding chute, a rotating chute, a product intercepting chute, an equipment gathering hopper, and a slot bracket (including a cross or triangular frame). The spiral groove connected by the rotating plate is a key accessory. The spiral plate is made of fiberglass (fiberglass reinforced coal gangue) and connected together through screws. The sorting surface of the rotating groove has one layer of pre designed durable wear-resistant layer. It has the advantages of lightweight, sturdy, and durable consumer goods. The spiral groove is equipped with a multi tube feeding homogenizer to screen minerals evenly, which is not cumbersome to operate. The mineral sorting equipment is freely stacked on the cross (or tripod) of the support table. The evenly distributed mortar is slowly fed to the spiral groove surface through the feeding groove installed at the head of the rotating groove, and the selection is carried out. The bottom of the rotating groove is installed in a valve block type new equipment to obtain the groove, allowing the sorted new products to be divided into three (or four) new products according to grade along the radial direction. Change the selection width of each new device by adjusting the position of the valve block. The new product gathering bucket is a concentric circular tube that distinguishes and converges the intercepted multi head ore flow. The cross-section of the fiberglass chute and the change in slope of the curve are particularly applicable for the selection of fine-grained materials. 5、 Scope of application: FRP spiral chute is suitable for separating fine grained iron ore, ferrotitanium ore, chromite ore, pyrite, cassiterite, tantalum niobium ore, gold ore, coal, monazite ore, Rutile ore, zircon sand, rare earth ore and other metal and non-metallic mineral materials with sufficient specific gravity difference.  采购螺旋溜槽 Procurement of spiral chutes