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Fiberglass spiral chute
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The fiberglass spiral chute is composed of ore slots, flushing water guide slots, ore feeding slots, spiral slots, ore discharge slots, concentrate slots, frames, and other components. It has the characteristics of large richness ratio, accurate ore separation, no power, no noise, simple structure, and easy operation.

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Introduction to fiberglass spiral chute

The spiral chute is a gravity separation equipment successfully developed by Beijing Mining Research Institute, which utilizes the inertial centrifugal force generated by the slurry in the spiral rotation movement to achieve the separation of heavy minerals. FRP spiral chute is used to select fine particles such as iron ore, tin ore, tungsten ore, gold ore, etc. with a particle size of 0.3 to 0. 02mm. Uniform slurry is slowly fed to the surface of the spiral groove for sorting through a feeding groove installed at one end of the spiral groove. The end of the spiral groove is equipped with a valve block product cutting groove, which is divided into three types of products along the radial direction. By adjusting the position of the valve block to change the interception width of each product, the product collection hopper collects and exports the intercepted multi head ore flow separately. The cross-sectional area of the spiral groove and the slope variation of the curve are particularly suitable for the selection of fine-grained materials.

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Working principle of fiberglass spiral chute

The working principle is to use the method of oblique water flow to classify minerals based on their proportion difference. The slurry mixture enters a chute with a small inclination angle (generally 3-4 degrees, generally not exceeding 6 degrees), and mineral particles are layered according to density under the combined action of water flow impact, gravity, centrifugal force, and friction. Because the velocity distribution of water flow in the trough is large, the lower layer is smaller, and the mineral particles with higher density are concentrated in the lower layer, they are impacted by the water flow and have greater friction at the bottom of the trough, and move forward slowly along the bottom of the trough; Mineral particles with lower density are concentrated in the upper layer, carried by water flow, and flow out of the tank at a faster speed. Then, based on the two products with different densities, concentrate and tailings.

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Four major advantages of fiberglass spiral chute

1. Reasonable structure, simple installation, and easy operation.

2. Small land area, stable mineral processing, clear ore separation, large processing capacity, and high efficiency.

3. The product is lightweight, moisture-proof, rust proof, and corrosion-resistant, and has strong adaptability to fluctuations in feed volume, concentration, particle size, and grade.

4. No power or noise.