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What is the working principle of a spiral chute? How can materials be sorted?
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The materials produced in the mining industry need to be processed, processed, and screened before they can be produced into finished materials. Among many links, the process of screening and separating finished materials is a crucial one, which affects the quality of the finished materials, so we cannot be careless. As a device for separating and screening materials, spiral chutes are also widely used. So, what is the working principle of spiral chutes? How can materials be sorted? Let the editor explain this to everyone.

What is the working principle of a spiral chute?

In fact, the process of sorting materials in spiral chutes is quite complex. In the equipment, the materials are subjected to three types of gravity sorting to separate the finished materials.

When the equipment is working, the slurry flows into the spiral chute, and the material slurry will be subjected to centrifugal force. Under this centrifugal force, water and lighter materials are separated to the outside of the spiral groove. For materials with relatively heavy mass, they will be located inside the spiral groove.

There will be a transition zone on the groove surface, where particles with intermediate specific gravity will gather after the slurry enters the equipment. Based on the centrifugal force acting on the slurry, particles will undergo separation between the flow layer and the bed layer. The key to affecting these sorting functions lies in the spiral chute, which also affects the separation effect of materials inside the slurry.

When the slurry moves along the spiral chute, the cross-section and pitch of the chute will reduce the centrifugal force of small particle materials, causing them to move inward. The separation process can be said to be quite complex.

It is worth noting that when using this equipment, attention should be paid to the feeding conditions. If this is not paid, it is likely to reduce the efficiency of spiral chute sorting. For example, when using this equipment for processing, it is important to pay attention to scientifically designing the feeding amount.

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Through the above introduction, you should know the working principle of the spiral chute, right? By mastering the working mode of this device, one can flexibly use it to complete users' production tasks without any inconvenience. The use of such equipment can easily complete the sorting of materials, which is also a function favored by users. Of course, not all users can grasp all information about the device, and encountering problems is common. Just remember to contact us.

What is the working principle of a spiral chute? How can materials be sorted?(图1)What is the working principle of a spiral chute? How can materials be sorted?(图2)