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What is the process flow of gold beneficiation?
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There are actually different process requirements for gold beneficiation. The required process flow varies according to different production needs. In the following time, let's take a look at the process flow of gold beneficiation, including the gravity separation process and flotation process.

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Firstly, let's take a look at the gravity separation process of gold beneficiation.

The so-called gravity separation is to use the density and particle size differences of minerals to obtain products with different densities or particle sizes. The gravity separation process can be said to be more traditional and basic placer gold beneficiation methods. For gold mines containing granular gold, the gravity separation method is more suitable for processing.

In addition, the gravity separation of placer gold usually involves processes such as crushing, screening, desliming, and sorting. The main equipment required generally includes cylindrical screens, vibrating screens, etc. Usually, a combination of several gravity separation equipment is required to achieve the desired effect, such as jigs, spiral sorting machines, shaking tables, etc. Iron remover, jig, shaker, and inclined tube thickener are combined systems with high recovery rates for gravity separation.

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Secondly, the so-called flotation process requires ore dressing experiments and practical experience to determine, and the selection of equipment also depends on the properties of the ore. If the ore properties of gold mines are complex, the flotation process will also be more complex at this time. For the flotation process of gold containing polymetallic ores, its complex and diverse characteristics are quite prominent.

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