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Introduction to Common Gravity Separation Equipment such as Shaker Chutes and Jigs
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The reselection equipment is currently commonly used and its working principle is relatively simple. There are many types of devices to choose from, and it is necessary to grasp the performance of the devices used when choosing. The properties, conditions, required product quality, and adaptability of the selected materials and equipment are highly sensitive to the application conditions. Gravity separation equipment can now be roughly divided into shaking table, chute beneficiation equipment, skip beneficiation equipment, and heavy medium beneficiation equipment.

In the past 20 years, these beneficiation equipment have developed rapidly in China, with the emergence of many new equipment, such as new spiral beneficiation machines, dynamic screening machines, centrifugal jigs, etc. developed and produced in recent years., It has reached or approached the Vanguard International Semiconductor Corporation level and has played an important role in the mineral processing industry.


The 6S shaking table belongs to gravity beneficiation equipment, developed from a smooth groove and characterized by its asymmetric reciprocating motion, forming a self-contained system. The 6S shaking table consists of a bed surface, a frame, and a transmission mechanism. The bed surface is trapezoidal or rhombic in shape, with a lateral inclination of 1-5. Above the inclined edge, the ore distribution trough and water supply trough are arranged with bed strips arranged longitudinally on the bed surface, and the height is lowered from the transmission end to the opposite side. The entire bed surface of the 6S shaking table is supported by a frame, and the transmission device is installed at one end of the bed surface. The latter can have the characteristic of rapid return movement when the bed surface approaches the end forward, which is called differential.


Spiral grooves can be used for the re extraction and utilization of waste residue from mineral processing plants, fully utilizing tailings sand and water, saving investment costs, energy and water resources for tailings treatment, reducing environmental pollution, improving the ecological environment, and effectively protecting the ecological environment while creating more wealth for the whole society.


Jigs belong to gravity beneficiation equipment, and their working principle is to sort based on the specific gravity difference between minerals and gangue. Therefore, theoretically, as long as there is a certain specific gravity difference, tripping can be used for sorting. However, in practical situations, the specific gravity difference is close, that is, the smaller the specific gravity difference, the lower the sorting efficiency. Therefore, tripping is suitable for selecting minerals with a certain specific gravity difference.