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Titanium sand selection technology
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Titanium is an important metal material with advantages such as light weight, high strength, and corrosion resistance, widely used in aviation, aerospace, medical, automotive and other fields. Titanium sand is a raw material for titanium metal, and the technology of selecting titanium sand is an important link in titanium metal production. This article will introduce the basic concepts, operating steps, precautions, and other contents of titanium sand selection technology, hoping to provide some useful references for readers.

1、 Basic concepts of titanium sand selection technology

Titanium sand separation technology refers to a technology that screens, classifies, and magnetically separates titanium sand according to different needs in the production process of titanium sand to meet the required requirements of Granularity, purity, and magnetism. The importance of selecting titanium sand technology is self-evident, as it directly affects the quality and performance of titanium metal products.

2、 Operation steps of titanium sand selection technology

1. Screening

选钛砂技术 screening is the first step of titanium sand selection technology, which aims to separate the original titanium sand material according to particle size. The screening equipment generally uses a vibrating or rotating screen, and different particle sizes of titanium sand can be obtained based on different mesh sizes.

2. Grading

Grading refers to grouping the screened titanium sand according to certain standards. Generally speaking, the grading standard is determined based on factors such as the particle size, shape, and density of titanium sand. The classification equipment generally adopts airflow classifier or centrifugal classifier, etc.

3. Magnetic separation

Magnetic separation refers to the use of magnetic differences to separate magnetic substances from titanium sand. Generally speaking, the equipment for magnetic separation is a magnetic separator. The working principle of a magnetic separator is to use a magnetic field to adsorb magnetic substances onto the magnetic poles, thereby achieving separation.

3、 Precautions for selecting titanium sand technology

1. Pay attention to the size and shape of the screen hole when screening, so as not to affect the Granularity and shape of the titanium sand.

2. When grading, the grading standards should be determined based on different requirements to avoid affecting the purity and density of titanium sand.

During magnetic separation, attention should be paid to the strength and direction of the magnetic field to avoid affecting the separation effect of magnetic substances.

4. During the process of selecting titanium sand, attention should be paid to maintaining the cleanliness and maintenance of the equipment to avoid affecting the efficiency and quality of titanium sand selection.

In short, titanium sand selection technology is a very important link in the titanium metal production process. Only by mastering the titanium sand selection technology can high-quality and high-performance titanium metal products be produced. I hope this article is helpful to readers.